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Getting started with Nuxt

Some of the resources I used to learn how to build projects with NuxtJS.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

    Absolutely must know these before diving in to any Javascript frameworks.

  • Vue

    Nuxt is a framework based on Vue, so it's crucial to understand how Vue works.

    • Vue JS - The Complete Guide - Udemy
  • Nuxt

  • Nuxt Middleware

  • Server Side Rendering

    One of the cool features of Nuxt is that it allows us to render the application on the server instead of the browser. The server sends a fully rendered page to the client and it's hydrated on the front end by Vue.

    • Server-Side Render Vue Apps with Nuxt.js - Firebase
  • NodeJS

  • Express

  • MongoDB

    • Node.js Crash Course Tutorial #9 - MongoDB - TheNetNinja
  • Mongoose

    • Node Auth Tutorial (JWT) #6 - Mongoose Hooks - TheNetNinja