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Developer UX Checklist

We always hear UX design, but what about UX on the development side? Here's a checklist to make sure UX is taken care of while developing.

  • Do images have alt text?

    <img src="" alt="Photo of cat sleeping">
  • Screen reader is reading the page correctly?

    Turn on VoiceOver on Mac with Cmd + F5

  • Checked markup on Markup Validation Service?

  • Is the page useable with keyboard only?

  • Measured page performance?

    Using a tool called LightHouse developed by Google, you can check how well is your page performing on the Chrome Dev Tools

  • Is the website responsive?

    does the website works on both desktop and mobile browser? Does it work on different phones?

  • Contrast ratio of the text?

    WebAim has a tool where you can check the contrast ratio of 2 colors. The higher the contrast ratio the better.

  • Meaningful heading hierarchy?

    Headings help users and search engine identify what content is on your websites. Headings can be used to separate content into sections.